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Inspirational finishes and perfect function ensure that BENCHMARK is the reference for design, affordability, technical performance, system integration and ease of installation.

From concept through to completion we’re here support your projects with design, technical and installation services. By choosing BENCHMARK you have the quality assurance of one of the most trusted names in the construction market - the Kingspan group.

BENCHMARK products have been designed with compatibility at the forefront. To help you avoid installation issues due to lack of system integration, even with complex designs. Detailing at key junctions such as windows and roofs is simplified and complex geometries can be achieved while still taking advantage of modular construction techniques.

Many manufacturers guarantee their products for specific isolated areas of performance. Few can offer assurance across a whole spectrum of testing standards. Total Guarantee Assurance covers all of the key performance areas for its insulated roof, wall and façade systems.

For Architects...

BENCHMARK gives you the freedom to push the boundaries in inspirational design. Deliver contemporary and creative buildings without compromising expression for expense. With a choice of build options, façades and roofs in a range of finishes and colours, you can meet your designs and client expectations.

For Contractors...

When installing roof and wall systems, you want the confidence that they will endure. BENCHMARK products are technically proven to provide maximum reassurance on compatibility and system integration. With ensured ease of installation, you have the confidence that projects will be completed on time without complication and delay and associated costs.

For Engineers & Surveyors...

With BENCHMARK you have the reassurance that the specified products will live up to full technical performance. Systems are assured to work seamlessly with other materials. By bringing together the structure, insulation and external finishes we can help you to make cost savings on your projects. Build with the future in mind, with systems designed to perform.

For Property Developers...

Speed is of the essence when developing properties to tight budgets and time scales. BENCHMARK has created systems with efficient construction and lasting performance at their core. We understand it’s important that systems can be installed securely and in no time, to keep construction costs to a minimum. But there’s no need to sacrifice style for simplicity, with BENCHMARK’s wide range of high-quality façades and wide colour variations.

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