Hook-On Cassette

The Hook-on Cassette System is a secret-fix solution that can be installed in either a landscape or portrait orientation. Large cassettes can be fabricated due to the structural design of this cassette system.

This option is available in Aluminium*, Copper, Corten and Stainless Steel.

Cassette sizes will vary with metal types and thickness.Please contact the BENCHMARK Technical Department for further information. They can also advise on wind loads and design criteria.

* An innovative rounded cornered version is available in this cassette option. For more information, please contact the BENCHMARK Technical Department.

Hook-on Cassettes are installed onto the appropriate railing system consisting of vertical mullions, locating clips and fixings. Engineered by Kingspan, the mullions are fixed directly to the face of the BENCHMARK Karrier Engineered System using Fablok® fasteners.

Adjustable locating clips, factory-fitted with rubber isolators, prevent rattling and wear on the cassette.

The design of the cassette allows it to hook onto the locating clips in the vertical mullion. The cassette is secured to the mullion using stainless steel self-drilling screws, to prevent movement in service. All of these components/fasteners are supplied and guaranteed by the BENCHMARK Guarantee.