BENCHMARK is fully focused on developing products that are sustainable in their manufacture, use and disposal.

In order to quantify the environmental impact of our product portfolio, we have been working with the BRE.

Building Research Establishment (BRE)

BENCHMARK has adopted the BRE's Environmental Profiles Assessment Methodology to quantify the environmental impact of its BENCHMARK Karrier panels and Premium Insulated Panels. To this end the BRE analysed data across a range of environmental issues, from cradle (inception and raw materials) to grave (disposal) of some of Benchmark's key products. This is known as lifecycle assessment (LCA) and is becoming increasingly important given the pressures being placed upon the global environment.

The new guide gives details of the Green Guide Ratings that deliver credits under the materials section of the Code for Sustainable Homes and environmental assessment method BREEAM. The new version contains 1,300 generic specifications compared to the previous 300. BRE issued ratings for our products under the new scheme.

Green Guide and 'A+' Rating

BENCHMARK is delighted that its Optimo insulated panel has been assessed under the revamped Green Guide to Specification and achieved 'A+' ratings. The benefits of BRE's Environmental Profiling Certification include: Independent, verified and audited performance according to internationally recognised methodology, Provision of data for achieving additional credits in BREEAM schemes, Provision of input data for Envest 2 (design tool for optimising building environmental impact and whole life costs) and Identification of areas for further improvement.

All of BENCHMARK's full systems are being assessed by the BRE to provide an overall system rating. Some systems have already been tested, for details please contact us on